Enrolling or Adding New Device/Number in DUO


Process details how to enroll & install DUO on a smartphone, tablet or other device to be used for authentication when logging into the Citrix or Qualfon VPN via Cisco AnyConnect.


  1. 1. Access this link - https://qualfon.login.duosecurity.com/ and login with your Qualfon credentials
    For users that has an agent email, do not use your @us.qualfon.com , @gy.qualfon.com , @mx.qualfon.com or @ph.qualfon.com . You only need to use your Qualfon username + @qualfon.com

  2. To Authenticate the login, you can select to send an SMS passcode on the mobile number that is registered on your DUO account. If in case that you do not have access to the mobile number registered to your DUO profile, reach out to servicedesk or create a ticket requesting to update your mobile number.

  3. Click on Manage Devices. It will again ask you to verify your identity.

  4. Select Add a Device.

  5. To activate your device that has a DUO mobile app installed, select DUO Mobile and Enter your phone number. And follow the on-screen instructions.
    If you will be using a tablet, you will not be prompted to enter your phone number.

  6. Open your DUO mobile app and scan the generated QR Code or you can use an activation link.
  7. A confirmation message should display on your screen once you have successfully enrolled your device.

  8. You may now proceed to login to VPN or Citrix. It will now then show options to authenticate your login using SMS code or DUO Push.

    If you are encountering issues on the above steps, reach out to Servicedesk or create a ticket via help.qualfon.com

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Date Created: 01/18/2023 10:49 am EST
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