Connecting to Qualfon Guest Wi-Fi


Process details on how to connect to the Qualfon Guest Wi-Fi.


  1. A guest account must be set up by either our Service Desk or the Front Desk.
  2. Each company has different connection methods for its systems. If you have an always-on VPN, open the network settings from the main PC log-in page by selecting the globe icon.

  3. Select ‘Qualfon_Guest’ and then connect to the VPN. After the desktop loads, you will be automatically redirected to the Qualfon Guest login page.

  4. If you can sign directly into your PC then in the lower right corner, open the globe icon and select the Wi-Fi network to connect to. You will be redirected shortly to the same sign-in page as shown above.

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Date Created: 09/27/2022 12:44 pm EDT
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