Downloading Software from Company Portal


Process details how employees can install company-approved software from the Company Portal app/program.

NOTE:  Company Portal is an app/program that is only installed on Intune-joined Qualfon machines.


  1. Click on the Start Menu/Windows icon on the bottom taskbar. and search for “Company Portal”.

  2. In the Search box enter Company Portal.  You'll want the App.

  3. When you open the Company Portal, it will automatically sign you in with your Qualfon account.
  4. To download apps, click “Apps” on the left side and click on the application you want to download.

  5. You will see the “Install” option in the top right of the window.

    NOTE: These apps will NOT need administrator access to download.

Revision History

Date Created: 12/08/2023 10:03 am EST
Last Modified: 12/08/2023 10:03 am EST