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Please test from your HOME PC, and not Citrix or a VPN


Wireless connections are not guaranteed by providers so if possible test using a wired connection.


Click the link below to download and install the testing plugin.

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This test is expected to take about 3 minutes depending on your connection, you can do other things while it is running.

What is a VoIP assessment?
This test simulates a required number of concurrent VoIP calls from the test client computer to a geo-location in the world. The assessment validates that key measurements exceed the service levels defined for a good quality experience. This includes packet delay (jitter), packet loss and loss distribution, MOS, SIP-ALG interference and more.
What is media capacity?
This test validates that a connection under test can deliver sufficient available bandwidth to ensure new VoIP/media application demand can coexist alongside all existing data/media traffic without breaking acceptable service levels.
Work From Home Assessment

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The capacity test result is not a bandwidth measure. On the contrary, the capacity test process uses media packets up to a calculated limit only to assess that there is sufficient bandwidth to accommodate the extra media traffic demand expected without incurring penalties that will cause VoIP and collaboration applications to fail.

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