Troubleshooting Common QNect Issues


Page lists common issues experienced with QNect and how to solve them.


  • How do I get help to unlock my account or remember my password? 
    • If you have set up password self-service for the Qualfon Domain, per the How to Register for Qualfon Password Reset Self Service process, then you can easily reset your own password or unlock your account.  
    • If you have not set up self-service, you will need to contact service desk for assistance.
      • Qualfon Service Desk:
        • Avaya:   505-7777
        • US:        +1 970-206-8410
        • PH:        +63 32 2301444
        • MX:       +52 5552829498
        • GUY:     +592 2657062
  • I can’t remember my username. How can I retrieve it?  
    1. Please see the username formats listed in the Logging Into QNECT process.  
    2. If you still can’t remember your username, contact the service desk by emailing
  • I can’t login to QNect, and I know my username and password!
    • Please try these steps: 
      1. Try clearing your cache and cookies.
      2. Try opening QNect in a different browser.
      3. If you still can’t login, contact the Service Desk.
  • Help! I was taken to a page that is asking for a company ID!
    • The company ID for QNect is: Qualfon
  • Do I have two ID numbers? 
    • The answer is, that depends. 
    • All active employees who have stored information in ADP Vantage will have an ID issued by the Vantage system. The Vantage ID will directly tie employee information from the QNect system to the Vantage payroll system. 
    • The QNect ID ties employee records to other systems like the learning management system, service request and incident reporting system as well as office 365 applications.
    • All employees hired after June 17, 2020 will only been issued a QNect Employee ID.
  • What is single sign-on, and how does it work?  
    • Single sign-on allows employees to create one set of login information that will enable access to multiple systems and resources.

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