Intune PC Setup


Process details on how to walk through signing into the Qualfon PC from the Out of the Box Experience (OOBE).


  1. When you power on your PC, the Start screen will vary. It may start by asking you to sign in with your work email shown in Step 4 below or ask you to select your region, confirm the keyboard layout, and set up Wi-Fi for Laptops.


  2. If asked about naming the PC, click the Skip for now button. This will be automatically done after you sign in.

  3. Select the “Set up for work or school” option. Click on Next.

  4. Enter your Qualfon email address, then click on Next.

  5. You will then be prompted to enter your Qualfon credentials.

  6. Next, you'll need to perform the MS Authentication and enter the # listed on the screen into your device.

  7. Enter that code into the MS Authenticator app on your mobile device and click YES:

  8. The Approve sign-in? box will appear, follow the instructions to enter whatever item to unlock your screen lock (i.e. PIN #, face ID, pattern, fingerprint, etc.) to finish that sign-in.

  9. After you sign in, it will take some time to finish setting up.


  10. Do NOT click the “continue anyways” button. Let the setup run until it's complete and the PC will auto-restart, then sign you into Windows or let you click “finish”.

  11. At this point, you will be mostly set up. Apps are assigned based on the group and begin to automatically install upon signing into Windows. To download any needed software such as Cisco AnyConnect VPN and MS Office (depending on license) Citrix, etc. that didn’t automatically install; click on the Start Menu or Windows icon on the bottom taskbar and search for the program “Company Portal”.

  12. When you open the Company Portal, it will automatically sign in with your Qualfon account.

  13. To download apps, click “Apps” on the left side and click on the one you need. The “Install” button is in the upper right-hand of the window.

    NOTE: These apps will not need administrator access to download.

For any Issues or Errors Received contact the SD either by email at or by phone:

  • US Toll-Free: +1 866-567-8765
  • US: +1 970-206-8410
  • PH: +63 32 2301444
  • MX: +52 5552829498
  • GUY: +592 2657062

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