US Timekeeping Clock-In Process


This daily clock-in process applies to ALL US non-exempt employees regardless of which campaign they support.  This does NOT apply to agents outside of the United States.


  1. At the start of every shift, before performing any work, ALL employees MUST clock in using the ADP or QNECT time-keeping application, which must be loaded onto their desktop.  
  2. Employees should NOT clock in using ADP or QNECT after logging in through VPN or VDI. Clock-in must be the first step before starting any work, including logging in through VPN or VDI. 
  3. Employees are strictly prohibited from doing any work at all until clocking in through ADP or QNECT.  Off-the-clock- work is not permitted under any circumstances.
  4. Employees experiencing issues clocking into the ADP or QNECT time-keeping applications should contact their supervisor immediately to resolve any issues to ensure that they are paid for all of their work time.
    1. If you perform any work while you are not clocked into the time-keeping system, please contact your supervisor immediately to ensure your final time records reflect all time worked.
  5. Failure to follow this procedure can lead to discipline, up to and including termination of employment.

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