Setting up Avaya Workplace


Process details how to setup the Avaya Workplace application.

Install Avaya Workplace: download file from


  1. Log into your computer as usual.
  2. Double click on the Avaya Workplace icon on the Desktop.

  3. Select Configure my account > Settings > Manually Configure (Expert Mode).

  4. Select Services, then click on Show Details. Make sure Phone Service is turned on.

  5. Add the following to Server configuration using an open Internet connection:
    1. Server Address:
    2. Server Port:  5061
    3. Domian:
    4. Use TLS: Enabled

    5. Select OK or Done.
  6. Add the following to Server configuration if you are onsite or using VPN connection:
    1. Server Address:
    2. Server Port:  5060
    3. Domian:
    4. Use TLS:  Disabled
    5. Select OK or Done

  7. Select Accounts to add your assigned DID extension and the default password. The default password is 123123.
    1. This will be the 11-digit number assigned to you.
    2. Remember Password enabled.
  8. Your setup should look like the image below (with the correct desk DID listed)

    NOTE:  Numbers in the attached pictures are only meant for example purposes. Each employee will be assigned their own extension to use when setting up the softphone.

  9. Select Done.
  10. You can see Equinox tutorial or select SKIP TUTORIAL.

  11. Finally, this is the interface or Home screen.

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