Setting up Channel Moderator


Process details how to set up a channel moderator within Agent / Rocket Chat.


Once Channels are created by the Owner, Moderators will be setup per Channel.

  1. Open the Channel – Example: #welcome Channel.

  2. Select Member List to view the members of the channel.

  3. Click on the drop down option in the upper right hand corner, select All Users.  All Channels will be displayed.  Select one Channel Member as Moderator (as shown below):
    1. Select All Users.
    2. Select a Name.

    3. Click Options (the 3 dots beside the selected name).
    4. Select Set as Moderator.

  4. Once set as a Moderator, the Member will have an updated role:

  5. We will have 2 to 3 Moderators per Channel to ensure that we cover the entire Hours of Operations.

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Date Created: 12/08/2020 1:48 pm EST
Last Modified: 12/08/2020 1:48 pm EST