Channels & Channel Creation


Page details what channels within Agent / Rocket Chat and how to create channels.



Public channels (also called channels for short) are for conversations that are open to your entire team. A channel can be joined by anyone on your team.

Channels make it easy to find what’s going on with your team. New team members can join a channel and read all the information previously shared by other users. We will be using our Agent Channels for Operations Support – if our Agents will be needing assistance from Supervisors, Trainers or from Quality Management Team.

Channel Creation

  1. Operations will not be able to create “Channels”. 
  2. All Channels to be created must be approved by the Operations Management and Tech Team.
  3. All Channels will be created by Tech Team and default channels are going to have Moderators and Admins.

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Date Created: 12/08/2020 1:38 pm EST
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